On reading Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance, my brain went into a kind of depression. And then, my brain decided to do something else. It awakened.

Until A Fine Balance, I did not know despair. I did not know of the many trivial tragedies in any average person’s life. I did not know that anyone is at the verge of poverty. I did not know sometimes it is us wholeheartedly jumping into the booming mouth of depression.

A Fine Balance taught me  there is always a way out of each bad day. It taught me not to give in to the darkness of some days and throw away the bliss that follows inevitably. It taught me that if you hold on long enough, there is always better days to come.

I learned to not sympathize, but respect. I learned to be happy in my sorrows.

Because, in the end, the only thing that keeps you happy, is your will.


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