Too much thinking?!

We all know this, the brain is a funny thing. One day you are absolutely, one hundred percent sure of something and the next day, you doubt it one hundred percent.

I want to be happy. I want chocolate to be happy. I want a new dress to be happy. I want the new iPhone to be happy. But the chocolate is gonna make me fat and I might no longer fit into the new dress! And really, who cares about a phone that is only gonna eat up my money :/

You think think think so much, that you no longer know what u wanted!

Maybe the brain should just shut down and go on a vacation! And come back only when it has evolved to a point where being happy is an inherent trait that comes unasked for!


Now we have a world full of happy people! What more could we ask for, right?!

Wait, is that when we start looking for reasons to be sad?


3 thoughts on “Too much thinking?!

  1. I wish, brain to be that simple of a deal but instead its a hard nut to crack. From day to night it keeps on working…busy chap it is πŸ˜› can’t take vacation and see those happy faces around πŸ˜‰
    But world with it is also a happy place..It keeps giving you reason to move forward.


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